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I like books. Well-written books, which generally excludes most YA (sorry, everybody). I edit literary fiction in my spare time, and I eat up books with great prose and no pretentiousness. I also love good speculative fiction and frequently read classics.

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The Emperor's Soul

The Emperor's Soul - Brandon Sanderson Probably Branderson's weakest book. Does not have the same structure of rules that he follows so well in his Mistborn Trilogy, and any setups he does seem to have weak payoffs in quick succession. The main character wasn't all that intriguing, but Gaotona wasn't bad. He's kind of what kept me reading through it all. His arc is really the only arc present in the entire book, which is kind of a shame. I can see what Branderson was trying to accomplish here, but it didn't feel true to his writing style and therefore lacked a lot.