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I like books. Well-written books, which generally excludes most YA (sorry, everybody). I edit literary fiction in my spare time, and I eat up books with great prose and no pretentiousness. I also love good speculative fiction and frequently read classics.

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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green *MINOR SPOILERS*For me, the first part of this book was a bit rocky. I've heard people complain before that the main characters seem too smart for their ages, but that wasn't really the problem I had. Some of the dialogue exchanges were just too "precious" for me. For instance, I don't think it's that remarkable to form an adjective from a three-syllable noun, but Augustus makes a big deal out of when Hazel does it. In such moments I was acutely aware that I was reading YA.The book really hit its stride, though, once Hazel and Augustus meet Peter Van Houten. At this point, almost all forced "quirkiness" is abandoned, and the characters became far more real and likable for me. No, I didn't cry, but the book hurt so good to read. If I were to reread it, I would probably start from the Amsterdam trip.